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№1(14), 2017

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International aspects of economic processes management

Paskaleva M.
Credit Default Swaps characteristics and interrelations with European capital markets

Toneva P.
Studying the impacts of event tourism on the host communities in Bulgaria

Cherkas N.
International competitiveness of Eastern European countries: importance of trade orientation and eurointegration

 Economic processes management at microlevel

Borisova L.
Vision for professional standards and required competence of the commercial manager

Bryk G. V., Cic’ka N. E., Poverlyak T. I.
Theoretical and practical aspects of accounting agricultural land

Odnoshevnaya O. A.
Managing of transaction costs of agricultural enterprises in the context of raising the level of economic security of the company

Economic processes management at macrolevel

Makhnusha S. M.
Improving of intellectual property marketing management in the agrarian sphere of region

Practice of economic processes management

Shulgina L., Zhaldak A., Okręglicka M.
The need of developing the educational standards to stimulate entrepreneurial orientation of university students in Ukraine and Poland