Davydenko N. M. Financial support of agricultural land in Ukraine

Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal. 2017. № 2
Section: Economic processes management at macrolevel

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Davydenko Nadiia Mykolayivna
Doctor of Economics Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Finance,
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

The article stipulates that a prerequisite for expanded reproduction in agriculture is a sustainable use of land and measures for its reproduction by maintaining its fertility and environmental suitability. It is noted that in order to maintain and improve soil fertility, it is necessary to have an appropriate financial support. Possible sources of financial support of reproduction of agricultural landare described, including: income, depreciation, funds from the sale of used fixed assets, proceeds from the issue of shares; bank credit, forfeiting, mortgage, government loans, foreign loans, bond issues, agricultural receipts, operational and financial leasing, investment tax credits, subsidies, grants, subsidies. It is proved that the strategy of financial security of reproduction of land at the macro level should match the overall national strategy to develop agriculture in Ukraine.

financial security, soil fertility, land, environmental suitability, financial strategy

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