Bondarenko S. A., Nizyayeva V. R. Export and import activity of the wine industry: tendencies, current risks

Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal. 2017. № 2
Section: International aspects of economic processes management

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Bondarenko S. A., Nizyayeva V. R. (2017). Export and import activity of the wine industry: tendencies, current risks, Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal, 2, Retrieved from:

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Bondarenko Svitlana Anatoliyivna
Candidate of Economics, Doctoral Candidate,
Institute of market problems and economic-ecological research NAS Ukraine, Ukraine
Nizyayeva Viktoria Romanivna
Master Degree student,
National university of fiscal service of Ukraine MES Ukraine, Ukraine

The article studies state of wine industry’s export-import activity, analyzes tendencies, which provide to reveal peculiar regulations andmain modern risks, which are necessary to be considered for appropriate level of the sector export capability. Export-import activity of wine industry is analyzed; capacity dynamics and market openness degree are estimated. It has been proved that redulatory impact on the winemaking and wine industry development has to be based, on the onehand, on the work with consumer, forming his national awareness of the domestic production from wine industry, and on the other hand, on the country import restructuring. Development of the wine industry state support in Ukraine, considering the world experience, is an important step to form the market of grape and its products, which is characterized with losing tendency. The revealed tendency concerning import price prevail over export, requires special measures for contraction. The main tools to fight with European wine producers for Ukrainian consumer to increase quality, creative, budgets increase for direct access to consumer via winery tasty rooms, tourists’ involvement to vineyards and productive capacities, including to the tourist routes. Therefore the main purpose is necessity for native consumer’s upbringing, wine culture growing, to teach to make considerable choice, but not a choice in favor of foreign container.

export-import activity, wine industry, market capacity, degree of the wine market openness

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