Baldzhy M. D. Economic risks management in projects of development and environmental & economic security

Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal. 2017. № 2
Section: Management of economic processes in context of sustainable development

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Baldzhy Maryna Dmytrivna
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Economics and Business Planning,
Odessa National Economic University, Ukraine

The article deals with issues to use risk management in the projects of territorial system development and environmental & economic security; determines stages and directions of the risk management; proves significance of the integral process in management. Concrete steps, which are necessary for risk analysis in the development projects, for its admissible boundaries establishment owing to environmental and economic security and managerial decision making, are proposed. It is mentioned that under modern conditions of the national economy development, which is characterized with high degree of uncertainty, traditional economic structures are deformed, economic entities’ behavior stereotypes are changed. It assists risk situations development while running business. It is pointed out that a significant constituent in the process of risk management is reliable information existence, which will provide reality while development projects construction.

risk management, project of development, environmental and economic security, national economy, risk management, information matrix of economic activity, expertise, strategy

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