Consulting role in the enterprise development management system

Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal. 2016. № 4
Section: Economic processes management at microlevel

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Vynogradovа O. V., Yevtushenko N. O. (2016). Consulting role in the enterprise development management system, Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal, 4, Retrieved from:

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Vynogradovа Olena Volodymyrivna
Doctor of Economics, Professor,
Yevtushenko Natalya Oleksandrivna
PhD, Associate Professor,
State University of Telecommunications, Ukraine

The article deals with peculiarities to form consulting market and to establish interconnection between consulting activity and enterprises through the development management system. Main obstacles of the consulting development at the native service market are investigated. Factors, which impact the development management system in the system of interconnection consulting company – enterprise, are grounded. There are recommendations concerning useful cooperation of consulting companies with enterprises according to changes in external environment and internal transformations in the management system. The consultants’ leading role in the development management system at the enterprise is proved.

consulting, management system, enterprise development, consultant, human capital, enterprise.

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