International aspect of ecological innovations

Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal. 2016. № 4
Section:International aspects of economic processes management

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Shkola V. Yu., Omelyanenko V. A., Skoryk V. V. (2016). International aspect of ecological innovations, Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal, 4, Retrieved from:

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Shkola Viktoriya Yurіyivna
PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Economic Theory Department,
Omelyanenko Vitaliy Analiyovych
PhD, Prof. Assistant of Economic Theory Department,
Skoryk Valeria Viacheslavivna
Sumy State University, Ukraine

The article deals with the international aspect of ecological innovations. Today one of the most significant factors to achieve sustainable development in Ukraine is to activate the ecologically oriented innovative activity. This requires new approaches creation for the innovative processes management system at different economic levels. Ecological or “green” start-ups consist in realization of ideas by non-typical way, how it is possible to save ecology and to gain material benefits. All win in business-model of the similar projects: governments save on waste disposal, citizens are awarded for ecological way of life, and sponsors realize social responsibility.

start-up, innovation, globalization, sustainable development, eco-innovations

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