Analysis of the innovative activity at the ukrainian machine-building enterprises

Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal. 2016. № 4
Section: Economic processes management at microlevel

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Bodenchyuk Lilia Borysivna
Danube filial branch of IAPM MES of Ukraine, Ukraine

The article deals with the peculiarities of machine-building enterprises. Innovation and highlights patterns and current trends of innovative activity of machine-building enterprises are analyzed. It was established, that the domestic machine-building enterprises have a very low level of innovation activity, compared with the European. The reason for this situation is the financial insolvency of enterprises, the lack of support from the state, not the effectiveness of incentive mechanisms to improve the innovative activity of the enterprises of machine-building industry. In general, the structure of the machine-building enterprises of expenditure is characterized by sharp disparities between different types of innovation. The share of the costs of the external and internal research projects by enterprises of machine-building industry of Ukraine in the total expenditure on innovation in the industry was the highest among the other industrial activities. However, the company clearly did not pay enough attention to education and training of personnel, that during the analyzed period it was accounted for small amount of innovation expenditures. Based on the identified gaps and challenges we offered basic directions of innovative activity of machine-building enterprises of Ukraine.

machine-building enterprises, innovation, innovation activity, innovation potential of development, financing of innovation activity.

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