№4 (13), 2016

№4(13), 2016

Theory and methodology of economic processes research

Evtuh A. T.
Theory of economic regulation: new aspect

Shvindina H. O.
The applicability of the social development and organization development theories at the enterprise

 Economic processes management at microlevel

Andrusiv U. Ya., Mazur I. M., Kinash I. P.
Systematic approach to the formation of management mechanism of construction enterprises innovation activity

Bodenchyuk L. B.
Analysis of the innovative activity at the ukrainian machine-building enterprises

Vynogradovа O. V., Yevtushenko N. O.
Consulting role in the enterprise development management system

Denysenko M.P., Deulina K. S.
Activities to enhance innovation: innovation strategy of woodworking company

Grischuk N. V.
Problems of software financial resources agrarian sector in the current economic conditions of menage

Kropyvko S. M.
Technological and regulatory aspects of quality management during the life cycle of investment and construction projects

Lyulyov O. V.
Scientific and methodic approaches to reveal stability essence at the industrial enterprises and its functional components

International aspects of economic processes management

Dyba O. M., Gernego Iu. O., Golub S. M.
Management of financial sources for innovative development: foreign countries experience

Kopylova O. V.
Trade networks evolution under the conditions of stock market globalization

Shkola V. Yu., Omelyanenko V.A., Skoryk V.V.
International aspect of ecological innovations

 Management of economic processes in context of sustainable development

Zelinska H. O.
Classification and analysis of factors that affect stability of oil and gas enterprise staff

Zięba K., Martyniak K., Rusin-Balicka S., Balicki B., Antosz M.
Effectivenes of actions associated with the environmental protection and the sustainable development

 Practice of economic processes management

Madgerova R. H., Kyurova V. V., Atanasova A. V.
Application of the lean concept as a prerequisite for a tourist business development

Sotirova A. O.
Innovative development and factors affecting the innovative activity of industrial enterprises in Bulgaria