Methodology of social and environmental external costs estimation in the Ukraine’s energy sector

Karaieva Nataliia Veniaminivna
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Heat and Power Engineering Department,
National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” named by Igor Sikorsky, Ukraine
Kramarev Gennadiy Vitaliyovych
PhD in Economics, Head of the Board,
PJSC “Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute, Ukraine

  • Paper objective is analysis of the external costs assessment model for the eco-social damage, and/or human capital losses caused by environmental pollution from the energy enterprises in Ukraine. Using the given method, necessary initial socio-economic parameters were defined and used for calculating the social costs of capital health losses in Ukraine due to deterioration of the environment, and due to the negative impact of energy sector on the air quality for the period 2002-2013. On the proposed technique determines the range value of social losses due to the negative impact of energy on air quality in Ukraine excluding future external costs for years 2002 – 2013 ranges from 1.6 – 4.5% of GDP, and the range of values of taking into account future costs is 2.0 – 6.2% of GDP.
  • environmental pollution, energy, external costs, assessment, human capital losses.
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