Improving e-government as one of the preconditions for economic development

Skyba Maryna Valeriyivna
PhD in Public Administration, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Economic Theory,
National Pedagogical University Dragomanov, Ukraine

  • In the article the author argues that the comparison of key indicators of the functioning of e-government in Ukraine and the EU show that countries that have a well-functioning system of e-government have higher levels of economic development. The author concludes that the development of e-government will improve the quality and efficiency of public services, making them accessible and transparent, help reduce costs and reduce the administrative burden on businesses and citizens in the process of interaction with the public administration. Improving e-government system in Ukraine can use the experience of EU countries, adaptation of the basic principles of e-government in the EU when developing national legal acts.
  • e-government, public administration, administrative services, transaction costs, EU, post-industrial society, information, economic development, sustainable development.
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