Services of strategic consulting: special features and types

Klenin Oleh Volodymyrovych
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Department of Accounting and Auditing,
Pryazovskyi State Technical University, Ukraine

  • In the article essence of terms “consulting” and “strategic consulting” was studied. It was proved that strategic consulting must be analyzed as professional activity in the system of enterprise strategic management. Specific features of consultative services and its composition was added from the point of view of strategic management and innovative development were studied. In the process of providing consulting services it was suggested to take into account the strategic orientation of human capital of consulting company that was accepted to determine as professional actions of consultants. It was found out main problems that could prevent stable activity of industrial enterprises. It was proved necessity of researches concerning authentication factors of industrial enterprises innovative development and the role of consulting company in its decision making. It was made review of the most widespread classifications of consulting services. Was shown author`s view concerning forming more demanded services of strategic consulting by subject basis.
  • strategic consulting, service, classification of consulting services, human capital, consultant.
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