The role and importance of the enterprise`s borrowed capital

Dombrovska Sofiіa Oleksiyivna
Postgraduate of Department of Financial Management and Stock Market,
Shostak Iryna Ivanivna
PhD of Department of Foreign Languages,
Odessa National Economic University, Ukraine

  • The paper presents scientific views of researches regarding the definition of “borrowed capital”. The basic functions of borrowed capital have been submitted, its classification on various grounds is highlighted. The article describes the features of borrowed capital, its advantages and disadvantages, considers management system of borrowed capital and problems of domestic enterprises in modern conditions of economic relations. The author proposed the main directions of the management improving of borrowed capital. The information will be useful for specialists in the field of financial management.
  • borrowed capital, credit relations, financial liabilities, financial resources, financial leverage.
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  • Dombrovska S. O., Shostak I. I. The role and importance of the enterprise`s borrowed capital [Online] // Economic Processes Management: International Scientific E-Journal. 2016. №2. Available: