№ 2 (11), 2016

Theory and methodology of research of economic processes

Holubka Mykhailo Mykhailovych
Theoretical component of national financial, economic and cooperative education in Western Ukraine (second half of XIX-XX centuries) and its role in economic management of the region

Economic processes management at microlevel

Dombrovska Sofiіa Oleksiyivna
Shostak Iryna Ivanivna
The role and importance of the enterprise`s borrowed capital

Illiashenko Sergii
Ovcharenko Maxim
Ovcharenko Svetlana
Factor analysis of processes of corporate culture formation at industrial enterprises of Ukraine

Мakhnusha Svetlana Mikhailovna
Review of marketing approaches to increase of sales effectiveness in the context of behavioral economics

Usheva Mariana
Team and teamwork in modern european HR management

Economic processes management at macrolevel

Gudz Petro Vasilovych
Territorial and industry analysis of the fulfillment of zaporizhian regional projects

Lutskiv Olena Mykolauvna
Habrel Marta Stepanivna
Regional economic development: dynamics and intensity of changes

International aspects of economic processes management

Shmatkovska Tatjana Oleksandrivna
Introduction of elements of accounting systems of foreign countries in accounting practice in Ukraine

Management of economic processes in context of sustainable development

Zięba K., Olma S.
Efficiency of management of sustainable development – challenges, problems, barriers

Practice of economic processes management

Prendecki Krzysztof
Sommer Hanna
Between health and work

Sapiński Aleksander
Diversity management as the key factor of success of further education colleges – case study

Zakharova Oksana Volodymyrivna
Market conditions of higher education services in Ukraine in the field of study “Management”