The connection of strategic and operation activity in achieving of enterprise’s effectiveness

Polyanska Alla Stepanivna
Doctor of Economics, Professor of Management and Administration Department,
Kushlyk Oksana Yuirivna
PhD of Economics, Assistant Professor of Management and Administration Department,
Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management,
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Nail and Gas, Ukraine

  • In the article the relation between strategic enterprise efficiency and its operating activity is investigated. It is proposed to carry out the evaluation of the enterprise’s effectiveness on the basis of consideration as the enterprise’s strategic activity criteria which deal with creating of competitive advantages, achieving of sustainability and enterprise’s development potential in future periods, as well as the criteria of operating effectiveness evaluation. The methodical approach for evaluation of the strategic activities effectiveness on the base of calculating the resulting integral indicator with using of fuzzy logic method is proposed.
  • efficiency, enterprise’s strategic and operative activity, competitiveness, integral indicator, sustainability, development.
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