Cost management of small hydro objects

Shashkov Serhiy Valeriyovych
Postgraduate Student of Management Department,
Sumy State University, Ukraine

  • This article is devoted to study cost management aspects of small hydro objects. Analyzed main cost forming indicators of economic object. The most applicable models of revenue property predictive state, which are of small hydro objects, are reviewed. Factors and risks of affecting the overall profitability, and accordingly, market value of small hydro complex are identified. Proposed organization of multi-purpose use of small hydro plants natural and economic systems as an integral resource in order to increase their functioning from additional, don’t contradictory for main, ways, well as ways of reducing the risks of their activity. Presented price-determining factors, which form the cost of small hydro objects in case organizing such multi-purpose management.
  • area, complex, cost, energy, income, multi-purpose, ownership, production recreational, small hydro, use.
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