№ 3(8), 2015

Economic processes management at macrolevel

Savchenko Sergii Olegovych
The modelling of education services and labour markets from marketing position

Sargsyan Sevada
Legal regulating problems in the lease contractual relations

Stoyanets Nataliia Valeriivna
Formation components of socio-economic potential of the region

Economic processes management at microlevel

Batsenko Lyudmila Nikolaevna
Galenin Roman Vladimirovich
Trends research and analysis of personnel audit

Gudz Petro Vasilovych
Measurement of the effectiveness of non-profit organizations

Kovalova Tatiana Volodymyrivna
Theoretical aspects of enterprise financial stability management

International aspects of economic processes management

Bilobrova Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Tul Svitlana Ivanivna
Jobless society – phenomenon of global economy

Innovation and investment processes in economic systems

Shevchenko Hanna Mykolayivna
Ivanova Tetyana Evgenivna
Innovative-marketing directions of recreational-tourism industry in Ukraine

Management of economic processes in context of sustainable development

Vytvytskyi Yaroslav Stepanovych
Havadzyn Nataliia Olegivna
Kernychna Anzhelika Ievgenivna
Organization and economical maintenance of eco-economical potential of oil and gas enterprises’ management

Petrushenko Mykola Mykolayovych
Voroshylo Lyudmyla Sergiyivna
Environmental-economic conflict: conceptual complexity and management issues

Shashkov Serhiy Valeriyovych
Cost management of small hydro objects

Practice of economic processes management

Kuanyshbaev Zhaken Myngyrbaevich
Nestay Yldos
Ossik Yuriy Ivanovich
Logistics diagram projecting in inter-modular transportation of St. Brest (Belarusian Railways) – st. Lianyungang

Polozov Andrey Anatolievich
Karminsky Alexander Markovich
Alexeenko Nicholas
Career age peaks

Sowier-Kasprzyk Izabella
Creating long-term relations in travel agencies within partnership marketing

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