Historical aspects and causes of the synergy beginning as a science

Yakimtsov Viktor Viktorovych
PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer of Department of Economics of Enterprise,
National Forestry University of Ukraine, Ukraine

  • The article is dedicated to the historical aspects of the beginning and development of a new popular science – synergy, as a means of interdisciplinary communication among scholars. Using methodological apparatus of synergy here were considered the basics of studies. Historical aspects of the origin, beginning and formation of synergy as a science and its application in all aspects of human life were analyzed. Current research areas within synergy and nonlinear dynamics were presented. Was presented a question of order and organization of global issues (energetic, environmental, social and economic) and systems, that were developed by human using synergy. The conclusion was made on the need for a synergistic approach to all aspects of human life and especially to the economy – it is undeniable in the science of human development in society and especially within the manufacturing process.
  • system, synergy, dynamic chaos, attractor, self-organization, bifurcation.
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