Regional development policies in Ukraine: realities and prospects

Simkiv Lilya Yevgenivna
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of Theory of Economics and Management Department,
Loziak Yuriy Dmytrovych
Student of Department of Accounting and Auditing,
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Ukraine

  • Theoretical framework of regional policy and regional development, the roles and powers of public authorities, local governments and non-governmental institutions in the formulation and implementation of regional policy have been analyzed.
    The priority approaches to developing and implementing regional policy of Ukraine on the basis of the fundamental long-term goals (socio-economic development of regions, overcoming major interregional maladjustments, achieving the reasonable standards of living) have been determined.
    Attention is focused on the need to use a differentiated approach to the implementation of regional policies by increasing the regional autonomy in determining the long-term strategy for socio-economic development and then choosing means of its implementation; shifting the emphasis from exogenous development of problem areas to stimulation their endogenous potential, due to the reduction of public resources allocated to the development of these regions; involvement of local communities, business structures and community organizations in the management and solving problems of regional development.
    It is substantiated that the improvement and implementation of regional policy in Ukraine will provide organic combination of national, regional and local interests and promote the full use of the internal potential of each region and each location.
  • regional policy, socio-economic development, regional management level, selective regional policy, interregional disproportions.
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