The main problems faced Ukraine in case of low-carbon economy

Artemenko Lina Petrivna
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of Department of Management,
Kliukvina Mariia Sergiivna
Postgraduate Student of Department of Management,
National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Ukraine

  • The article presents main thoughts covering the process of implementation of low-carbon economy principles in Ukraine, presented main problems towards this aim and proposes one of the main steps to be taken on this long-term way. In case of the damaged limit of the natural recourses to be developed in Ukraine nowadays (especially gas, oil, coil, etc.), lost of competitive position on international market to be always placed by Ukrainian manufactories, disability to cut the value of carbon gases and then, as a result, disability to ensure Ukrainian obligations by the Kyoto protocol, Ukrainian Government needs to find better solution for solving the problems mentioned above. In this case we should take into account that the main part of these problems appeared in case of the low-carbon economy movement in the world. As we declare our desire to be next to the leaders countries, than we have to find solutions for our problems based on the main international best practices.
  • Ukrainian economy, low-carbon economy, carbon gases, low-carbon strategy.
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