№ 2(7), 2015

Output data of issue

Theory and methodology of research of economic processes

Yakimtsov Viktor Viktorovych
Historical aspects and causes of the synergy beginning as a science

Economic processes management at microlevel

Bryk Galyna Volodymyrivna
Theoretical and practical aspects of managerial reporting

Davydenko Nadiia Mukolaivna
Genesis of enterprise financial security

Usheva Mariana
Creativity, creations and innovations in the management of small and medium-sized business

Yaneva Dilyana Emcheva
Zlateva Dinka Atanasova
The role of off-line and online strategies for successful product positioning

Yevtushenko Natalya Olexandrivna
Ways to rational management of accounts receivable at enterprises

Zakharova Daryna Sergijivna
The optimization model of organic production in agricultural enterprises

Economic processes management at macrolevel

Ohdanskiy Kyrylo Mykolayovych
Evaluation of the effect of sector capital assets use efficiency on capital productivity ratio in Ukraine

Gaiduchok Olena Vasylivna
Problem of identification parameters of energy-dependent economics

Illyashenko Kostyantyn Viktorovych
Illyashenko Tetyana Olexiivna
Kolomiiets Uliana Volodymyrivna
Rich people are less receptive to tax and price changes: searching the evidence of the hypothesis

International aspects of economic processes management

Klymenko Lidia Vasylivna
Zborovska Yulia Leonidivna
Foreign experience of regulating international trade transactions

Korchun Valentyna Stepanivna
Bokalo Diana Romanivna
The problem of economic stability and the independence of Latin America in the context of the increase of military equipment

Omelyanenko Vitaliy Anatoliyovych
Space technologies international transfer as an economic growth driver

Pylypchuk Nataliia Yuriivna
Features of investment between Ukraine and Germany

Innovation and investment processes in economic systems

Vytvytska Uliana Yaroslavivna
General principles of application of the real options valuation in investment analysis

Novak Inna Mykolaivna
Scientific basis of investing agrarian sphere

Khvostina Inesa Mykolaivna
Pisak Kateryna Vasylivna
Identification of the causes of risks under the conditions of innovative development of oil and gas companies

Management of economic processes in context of sustainable development

Artemenko Lina Petrivna
Kliukvina Mariia Sergiivna
The main problems faced Ukraine in case of low-carbon economy

Lelyuk Yulia Vladimirovna
Methods of employee rating in cultural institutions in rural areas

Simkiv Lilya Yevgenivna
Loziak Yuriy Dmytrovych
Regional development policies in Ukraine: realities and prospects

Practice of economic processes management

Kyurova Vyara Vasileva
Yaneva Dilyana Emcheva
Analysis of the customer satisfaction of the hotel products in Bulgaria

Prokopenko Olha Volodymyrіvna
Petrushenko Mykola Mykolayovych
Shevchenko Hanna Mykolayivna
Categories of risk and damage in context of innovative ecological-economic activity’s theoretical analysis

Davydova Iryna Olegivna
Theoretical and methodological analysis of employment management based on system approach

Prokopenko Olha Volodymyrіvna
Shkola Viktoriya Yurіyivna
Domashenko Maryna Dmytrivna
Troian Mariia Yuriyivna
Modelling of the processes synchronized dealing with ecological safety within economic system

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