The current state of industry development in Ukraine: advance perspective

Skyba Maryna Valeriyivna
PhD in Public Administration, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Economic Theory,
National Pedagogical University Dragomanov, Ukraine

  • The current state of the industry of Ukraine are considered at the article. The author determined that the stabilization of the situation and further development of the industry need first of all cessation of hostilities. It is necessary to implement effective measures to combat corruption, the development of consistent, constructive and concerted action on the formation of institutions guaranteeing stability, predictability and transparency of the market rules and procedures that minimize the impact of shadow factors, and implementation of professional privatization and limitation of monopoly at the markets, forming a transparent, competitive business environment, the introduction of new energy saving technologies. These measures will help attract investment, increase production and improve enterprise profitability.
  • Ukrainian industry, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, institutional factors, public administration.
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