Using of project approach to organization of regional educational management in the conditions of educational system development at Ivano-Frankivsk area

Zelinska Haluna Olexiivna
Doctor of Economic Science, Associate Professor of Department of Organization of Labour and Production,
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Ukraine

  • Actuality of project approach as innovations in organization of regional educational management (REM) is determined. It is well-proven that knowledge is a basic specific resource of economy of knowledge. Decision of the problem questions, related to the knowledge management can come true on the basis of project approach that must become foundation of forming innovative REM. Results of research of its development in activity of public, state and enterprise structures of the Ivano-Frankivsk area are presented. It is well-proven that creative intellectual resource can become the qualitatively new basis of forming REM. Certainly, that a collaboration between state and parastatal structures in the system of education is conducted rather on principles of parallel coexistence, than on the basis of mutual partnership and mutual help. The analysis of research results showed that territorial organization of the REM system must take into account both interests of development of territory and all subjects that will realize educational services at the market, so the spectrum of the functions realized by it must be filled up and renovate.
  • regional educational management, project, system, education, region, enterprise.
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