The competitive strategies of the automobile construction enterprises: european experience and ukrainian realities

Oksana Onufriivna Okhrimenko
Doctor of Economics, Prof., Prof. of International Ecomomics Department,
National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Ukraine

  • The article provides a comparative evaluation of the strategic doctrines of Ukraine and the EU. On the basis of the development of the automotive industry trends tracked achievement and identifies problem areas. Factors that have a positive and a negative impact on the performance of automobile construction companies have disclosed. Components of success automobile construction industry of the EU countries analyzed. The role of national regulators in the protection and development of car manufacturers is considered. The attention focuses on the imperfect strategic goals of the domestic automotive industry. Suggestions on current strategies of Ukrainian enterprises are provided. The expediency of creation strategic alliances between Ukrainian and European automotive companies in order to attract innovative technology and promotion of products on the international markets has substantiated.
  • automobile construction industry, competition, competitiveness, strategy, production and sales volumes, the crisis risks, strategic alliance, attract innovative technology, international markets.
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