Post-crisis development of mortgage credit market in Ukraine

Leonov Serhiy Viacheslavovych
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Vice-rector,
Tsyhanyuk Dmytro Leinodovych
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Banking,
Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine

  • The world financial crisis in 2008-2009 brings a lot of problems for economic enterprises, but the most injured branch was construction industry. The main reason for that was growing troubles with mortgage credits, which in fact were closed for wide access. Considering that building industry and especially housing construction is one of the main economic engines we should analyze what are the main reasons of stagnation on mortgage lending market, which is the key source of financial capital for housing construction. We found that main problems are systemic and could be solve only with wide activity of the state institutions.
  • mortgage loans, credit market, banks, post-crisis development.
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